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I am fascinated by your attempted character assignation of all things RAF. I find it truly repugnant that all you do is constantly critics the achievements of RAF Fighter Command.

Iím equally surprised by the lack response from fellow members and our host, I can only presume by their deafening silence they all agree with your twisted and distorted views. If this poison was directed at the 8th, 9th or 15th Airforces I'm sure there would be uproar.You hide behind facts and figures, you cherry pick information, for the sole purpose of running down the men of RAF Fighter Command.

I am in favour of a frank and open discussion of all aspects of Fighter Command, good and bad, there are plenty of both in equal measures. However this is not for you, not your style, you are driven by an obvious hatred of the RAF.

Typically of your type, you do not answer questions directed to you, smudger asked you a question, where are you, and what is your particularly interest.

On the subject, American friendly fire. Ask any Italian their opinion.