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NASM & NARA Research Offer


I would like to make an offer to help with research at the National Air & Space Museum, National Archives and Records Administration and the Paul Garber Facility where the captured German and Japanese Aircraft Documents are kept.
I live in the Wash. DC. Metro area and have access to all facilities.

There's a couple of different ways to do this,

1. You can either write/call the facility and get a list of the items you are researching. Send me the list with your interests and I will go make the copies and then mail them to you.

2. You let me know what you are intersted in and I will go and pull up what the archives have on file. I'll send you the list, you let me know which documents you want copied and I'll make them for you. (Probably the quickest way.)

The costs will be the actual costs for each document (NASM is charging .30 cents per page at this time) and actual shipping costs. (You decide how it is shipped.)

All I ask is to be fairly compensated for my time & travel. We can discuss this on an individual basis.
Payment must be made before I ship the documents.

P.S. I have already helped forum member Phil Mertens with some research and it seems to have worked out well so far.


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