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Meteor NF11 over Algeria 1059-61


During Frances ongoing conflict in Algeria a number of NF11s were used by Escadrille de Chasse de Nuit 1/71. The Meteors were used for intercepting light aircraft and helicopters that were bringing arms and equipment over the Tunisian border at night. The Meteors came from the Center d'Instruction des Equipages Tout-Temps (CITT 346). So far I have been able to identify four of them. NF.11-19 346-QC, NF.11-41 346-QN, NF.11 346 QG and NF.11 346 QM.

It's a long shot but would anyone know where I can find any further info on ECN 1/71? I've tried the Armee de l'Air Museum but no joy. There may have been 1-2 French aviation magazine articles but I'v not been able to track any down.

Any help appreciated.

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