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But if the training system collapsed in 1944 , it was due to the steady attrition of 1943 and although I agree that said attrition cannot be attributed to the Thunderbolt alone (or more precise USAAF alone), it can also be said that it cannot be attributed to only the western allies.

However the discussion was Thunderbolts (and Lightnings) versus the Mustang, and if the Mustang REALLY made the difference. Even during Big Week the Thunderbolt still filled the bulk of the VIII. AF FGs.

When the Mustang took over as the most numerable fighter, the Jagdwaffe had already lost its grip in the West (daytime). Although like you said this is attributable to more than just a single operational type, when you look at US fighter types it was the Thunderbolt (and Lightning) which took the relatively fresh Bull by the horns and it was the Mustang which took over when said beast was already bleeding to death.

It may be simplistic a view, but that's why I wrote leftovers.

1943 is fighting for supremacy, 1944 is mopping up, 1945 is kicking a dead horse.
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