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Re: ULTRA HW 5, access to images ?

Originally Posted by chris toffel View Post
... I would like to have a look from March 43 to May 45. Of course, this is much, but the small time I have for research I would like to go through the HW5 files step by step.
Chris, I think maybe you underestimate just how much that would be. Even if anyone copied the 492 files (= tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of messages) covering this period, you would need far more than "a small time for research" to go through it all. The references to earlier messages are always helpful but they are not infallible if you want to follow a subject.

You mention one message but you didn't say what its subject is (and it's not one I have). It is possible that someone here might have Ultra material on that subject and period, if they knew what you wanted.
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