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Re: Battle of Britain Combat Archive 6: 19 August - 25 August 1940.

Originally Posted by Håkan View Post
Nice to see this fine series continued!

I find it excellent on the RAF side but Mr. Parry should have a counterpart which has as deep knowledge in the Luftwaffe as he has since the Luftwaffe side is almost only claims and losses. This is a pity since everything else is so good with this series!

Best wishes/Håkan

What you must understand is that whereas nearly all combat reports for RAF Fighter Command survived the war and were deposited in the Public Record Office (now called the National Archive) in Kew, the same cannot be said for Luftwaffe combat reports. I was only ever able to find one, and that was from the family of Lt. Horst Marx of 3./Erpr. Gr. 210. An extract from it is in 'Battle of Britain Combat Archive, Volume 2', page182. The full copy of that combat report is in my book 'Bombsights over England', the unit history of Erprobungsgruppe 210.

So I would respectfully suggest that Simon Parry has done the very best with the sources available to him.
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