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Re: FAA Korean war losses

Originally Posted by Col Bruggy View Post

For RAF, RAAF, RN, RAN & SAAF participation in Korea, 1950 -1951 the following publication is unsurpassed:

With the Yanks in Korea - Volume One - The First Definitive Account of British and Commonwealth Participation in the Air War, June 1950 - December 1951.
Cull.Brian & Dennis Newton.
London:Grub Street,2000.

Besides a fine narrative account, there are detailed loss tables for all the participants in Appendixes I - VII. The book has a select bibliography (including Lansdowne's, With the Carriers in Korea 1950-53), and an excellent index.

Where is Volume Two, Brian?

Hello Col Bruggy,

Excellent, another great title I wasn't aware of! I add my voice to the chorus asking for Volume Two!


Paul Thompson
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