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Re: Posting to the Allied Discussion form on British forces present at the Battle of The Heligoland Bay: 18 December 1939

Hello Larry,
there is no doubt there were 22 British aircraft only participating in the raid to Wilhelmshaven.
Priens JFV Vol.2 is indeed a very interesting work (as well as all other volumes). But it is misleading when doing more detailed research. One example: I miss the info what data is documented and what is not, means just an "interpretation" of the Autors.
I wrote about the confirmed/not confirmed (?!) 5-6 victories of 10.(N)/JG 26 - all (??) achieved at 14.30 or 14.35 hours (Steinhoffs two victories ???). I still do not know how accurate are the given hours...

Another simple example to the problem with times: Oblt. Berthold Jung from 5./JG 77. According to JFV Vol.2 this pilot has 1 n.b. victory at 14.35 hours. Other sources are giving 14.50 hours.
In my opinion 14.35 hours is much too early and I wonder why exactly this time is listed in JFV. I suppose it is an "interpretation", but I cannot recognize that it is what it really is.

What I want to say: the raid from the German point of view must be researched very deeply again working with DOCUMENTED information as basis and without juggling with post-war interpretations which all seems to be incorrect.

Best wishes,