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Re: The Eagles Over Europe Project

Originally Posted by robert View Post
@John I don`t see that you are interested in our progress so I don`t like to give you some feedback. Sorry but I don`t have time to have another dispute that I have too much or too less material etc.




How can you say that? You were with Larry on the visit to my house in Norwich in October 2006, and you know full well just how interested and involved I was in helping Larry in every way.

Quite frankly, I find it totally insulting that you post "...I don`t see that you are interested in our progress..." I was confident at one time many years ago that my shelves would be adorned with the EoE volumes.

Have you forgotten your visit?

Why do you want this thread to be locked? Why? Why is there no more sense in posting anything about the EoE Project on TOCH?
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