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Re: Book on Nachtschlachtgruppen 1, 2 and 20 / Störkampf- & Nachtschlacht-units

Thank you very much!

@Boris: Sorry, these units are mentioned in the book only in a few sentences. However, I try to include all missing units in a future project (see below).

@Del: The development of the Störkampf-/Nachtschlacht-units on the Eastern Front is mentioned until summer 1944. Also, I have given some examples of their "work" & tactics, including missions of Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 1 in early 1943 and Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 6 in May/June 1943 and during operation "Zitadelle" in July/August 1943. So, the pages 27 to 134 of the book deal with Störkampf- and Nachtschlachtgruppen on the Eastern Front.

However, I have lots of other material on the groups which must be included in a new book, I think ;-)!

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