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Re: Seeking Odds and Ends, Second VF-18

Originally Posted by MikeFink View Post
22 August is the only instance I've found of enemy engagement by VF(N)-78 det. 2. One "Zeke" was claimed destroyed and another damaged in a quick scrum at 0800.
This should read 22 September, by the way, day 2 of carrier strikes on Luzon. contains all the articles I've clipped from through the account I have with Wikipedia. Most of these are CAG-18 related, though some pertain to various other aces whose articles I've worked on, or relate in some way to USS Intrepid. is a host for various photos I've found during the hunt for more information concerning VF-18. These include art pieces done by pilots, official Navy documents, photos readily available online via extended families of these men, etc. is a repository for some short biographical pieces I've written about members of VF-18. I am slowly adding articles to it in my spare time.
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