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Re: I want a separate Merrick: 'Luftwaffe camouflage and markings 1933-1945 forum'. P

Hi Andreas.

I agree with you regarding this photograph and the unit of White 4. The numeral "3" on the other aircraft must be yellow, not white, as you say (compare with the fuel triangle).

Before we start critisising the photo captions I think we must again emphasise that this is a fantastic piece of work (both volumes) and I can only imagine the amount of work that have gone into it. Surely it will set new standards for interpretation of Luftwaffe colours!

Regarding dubious aircraft identifications in vol. 2 I have a few, just for the record:

Page 433: The right top photo shows the tail of a Me 410B-2 (or B-3), W.Nr. 130378, not a Ju 88! This Me 410 is interesting in that it was the last but one of the 130xxx series built in July 1944 (30 aircraft W.Nr. 130351 - 130379). It has the numeral "395" on top of its tail (seems to be painted by hand) and I'd surely like to know what unit it belonged to. No codes are visible.

Page 443: The centre photograph clearly shows a Bf 109E (E-7/b?), not a Bf 109F.

Thanks to Mr. Merrick and Herrn Kiroff for giving us these books. They are treasures!

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