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Re: Hans Rossbach FDC

Hans Rossbach, did wonderful work and benefitted veterans and aviation enthusiasts alike. As an autograph collector I welcomed the opportunity to add to my collection with some of the fantastic items he put together. Limited items with multiple signatures.

As an autograph collector I never understand, some people who place a signed photo over a multi signed item. Single signed photos are more common place, depending on the signer, but to have multiple signers on a single item creates a unique piece.

Years ago, about 12 ?We had Manfred and his wife at our home for dinner while visiting our city. At that time he was just at the end of disposing his Fathers collection and was selling on eBay multi signed photos of various aircraft signed by various Luft KC winners, usually three, four or more signing the photo. Unique and rare, I was surprised at the lack of interest on eBay !
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