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Does eBay Germany have server problems ?

Hi all,

I have got some 40 saved searches on my Ebay account in Germany for my daily search but since about a week the resuts don't show like they should show. I use the search filter "Time - newly listed" but with Edge, Firefox & Chrome the items are sorted randomly and not by time. See scan:

I've contacted via Facebook but the lady that answered insisted that the search results were correct even when I had attached a scan that clearly showed the faulty sorted search results.

I have asked to call me and I was given a message saying that they would call me back in about 1 minute but more then 1 hour later I have had no call yet.

Am I the only one who's having this problem with eBay in Germany? My searches on other eBay sites like the USA or GB work fine, just the onces in Germany are messed up.

And yes, I did run CCleaner to delete the cookies so that should not be the problem.
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