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Re: Black Cross - Red Star. Air War over the Eastern Front, Vol. 4: Stalingrad to Kuban 1942-1943.

Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 4 covers the air war along the entire Eastern Front during the period winter 1942/1943 through the spring of 1943, in great detail, with a balance between German and Soviet archive sources etc, and with many first-hand accounts. It will be of the same size as the other volumes, and it will also contain aircraft color profiles.

Following the publication of Volume 4, new and heavily updated editions of volumes 1, 2 and 3 will follow, and next the subsequent volumes (vols. 5 etc.) will follow.

Large format, heavily illustrated, aircraft color profiles!

Anyone interested in a sample from the manuscript can e-mail me at

Vaktel förlag is a publishing house that I have founded. Finally, I have full control of what I publish. It took some time to get the rights reverted back to me. From now on, you will see the valoumes in this series getting regularly published - I plan for one each year, starting with Vol. 4 in May/June this year, followed by a very, very much updated edition of Vol. 1 (hard cover and color profiles in the European edition, soft cobver in the U.S. edition because there is no other option) before the end of this year.

For anyone who would like to support the publishing by a crowd funding, please contact me at

All the best,

Christer Bergström
All the best,

Christer Bergström
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