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Re: Myths and Legends of the Eastern Front: Reassessing the Great Patriotic War [off topic]

Originally Posted by Jukka Juutinen View Post
1. Completing their mission by e.g. abandoning the bombers they were supposed to escort?
But you do not know what was their mission and what were their orders. Why do you think it was close escort mission? What if this was a diversionary sweep? What if by evading action they were luring Finnish fighters to chase them and away from the area to clear it for Soviet strike aircraft arriving some time behind them. What if there was another Soviet fighter formation above, which had been unnoticed by Finnish pilots and the first formation which evaded combat was a bait?

Originally Posted by Jukka Juutinen View Post
2. You don't see anything perverse in that an ideology based on abolishing money altogether actually resorted to capitalist-bourgeoisie methods of incentive? Weren't capitalist-bourgeoisie to be hanged by their own intestines?
What I can not see is how all of this relates to or discloses supposed Soviet incompetence?

Originally Posted by Jukka Juutinen View Post
3. You should compare the strength ratio between Finnish and Soviet air forces in 1944 summer. The numerical superiority of the Soviet forces was closer to 10 to 1. Perhaps the Soviet "scientific" art of war needed more than 10 to 1 superiority...
If the Soviets had 10:1 superiority so why not to use it? Just like modest numbers do not necessarily mean prowess and expertise, superiority in numbers and/or materiel do not mean lack of tactical or operational skills. Where is incompetence?
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