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Re: 65 anniversary of The „Katyn” Genocide - Russian Crime and Dishonor!

The „Katyn” Genocide - Russian Crime and Dishonor!

Hi Farnek

I am a little bit confused reading your post about Katyn genocidy. I feel you have done not very detail info about this Russian’s crime. So I have decied to make aditional inputs to your post.

In the Polish Soviet-Russian relations in XX ceuntry there are several “hot spots”. One of them is 17 IX 1939 and the next following one is “Katyn GenocityAffair”.

I think that “13 April” is a “better” memory day for this anniversary and it is very symbolic date. On 13 April German radio had made public information about finding in Katyn forest bodies of 15.000 killed by Rusian Polish officers (missing PoW in Russia). It was a propaganda data, in fact in Katyn forest were mordured by Russian 4.424 Polish officers (including 183 airmen) coming from only one Russian PoW camp - Kozielsk. German then did not have full information and picture about this affair simply overclaimng amount of mordered Poles by Russin almost 3-4 times.

Russian do not want to admit now (in 2005) that the Katyn was genocity in spite of that they officaly had said about this crime in 1945 that it was the German genocity (Soviet persecutor Rudenko used such a words during the Nurenberg trial).

Russians are saying now that there was simply oridinary killing, no any genocidy, denaing and refusing to admit that it was genocity. For Poles it is obvious, it was genocidy as many more were made by Germans in 1939-45 on Polish citisents (Poles, Jews, Gypsies, Ukrainian, Bialorrusian, ect.).

Beside “Katyn forest” the next places of Russian genocidy are:

2. Russian had mordered in Charkov prison the same time 3.820 Polish officers (including 83 airmen) - they were commming from Russian Ostaszkov PoW camp.

3. Russian in Miednoye had mordered next 6.311 Poles the same time - mostly police men corps (also were 2 airmen).

4. In other Russian prisons in the same time were mordered next 7.395 Poles, mostly civils, private owner, persecutors, state and local adminstration representatives, a few offciers ect (there were next 60 airmen).

Among almost 22.000 mordered Poles by Russian were in all 328 Polish airmen (young and old officers).

Genocidy was done according official Stalin and his team (Molotow, Beria ect.) order given to NKVD’s fire squads as Franke have mentiedned earlier.

These about 7.400 civils were mordered by Russian in Zachodnia Bialorusi and Zachodnia Ukraina prisons - former Polish terrory inavaded and occupied by Russian. Among Russian’s victims were: 48 university proffesors, 820 doctors, 1.500 teachers of high and primary schools and ingeneurs, 110 writers and journalists - no workers, no peasants – they were intelectuals.

One also should know that after 22 VI 1941 (22.VI - 1.VII 1941) in all Soviet prisons on Western Bialorus and Western Ukriana NKWD priosn’s guards had killed next about 20.000-35.000 Polish citisens (Poles, Jews, Ukrainian, Bialorusian), among killed then were also a few (no more then several tens soldiers) German PoW (mostly comming from Luftwaffe units crews, shot down over Soviet territory) who where taken to the prison duirng he first days of German-Soviet war.

Killed people were mostly political prisoners, ordianry criminals were freed by NKVD’s guards. This is also less even know Russian genocidy made on “Poles” prisoners.

One also should know that in 1944-45 Soviet marial courts had killed several tens Germans soldiers and officers captured and accused exactly according Soviets courts/persecutors for “Katyn Genocity”! Soviet persecutors used exactly the word genocidy towards German accused and killed for this “Katyn crime!

I say again during Nurymberg trial Soviet presecutor (Rudenko) had also said that Katyn was German genocity and the German had responsible for mordering about 11.000 Polish officers. This was said then by Soviet side not for others!

Now in 2004/5 Russian side (“president Putin’s team”) is saying the Katyn was simple ordianry crime made by Soviet. After “60 years” they have changed mind and preception of this case!

Now in Russian-Polish realtions the Katyn genocity is directly campared by Russian with mordering by Poles about 100.000 (or 50-60.000 depends) Sovite PoW captured during Polish-Soviet wars 1919-1920. This figure is publicised very often by Russian as a counterbalance to own genocidy. Such figure is higly publicited after surfaced on the begining of 90-ties the true about Katyn genocidy, when at last Russian very stubornly have admited – Yes - no any German but we, Russian had terminated Poles PoW in our “peace and love” camps.

The fact about this “Pole’s genocidy” of Soviet PoW in 1919-1920 is pattern of simply Soviet-Russian data PR manipulation. There are plenty of true proofs that fact are agains this high figures. In Polish prisons had died for illness, some kind of lack of medicine treatmend, typhus, flue about 16-18.000 Soviet-Russian PoW. As many PoW had died in camps during WW I, WW II in other wars.

The main point of difference is this one: there were no any deliberatly Polish state’s or army’s or unit’s orders to kill any Soviet PoW in any Polish camps in 1919-1921. This is crucial difference. The same fate (daying of illnes, lack of tratment) had the Polish PoW kept in Soviet camps in 1919-1921. Soviet-Russian side also forgot to say what they did with white army offciers (mostly Russian) taken to the prison in 1918-1921 during civil war in Russia. I can say one – Soviet-Russian were not human orieted to own white army Russian offciers.

Soviet-Russian pseudohistorians are saying about Poles that in Tuchola prison, as they love to compare and call it - “camps of death” - were killed about 22.000 Soviets PoW in 1920-1921. Fact are against this idiots, and not true claims. Soviet PoW were kept there for about 13 months (from the end VIII 1920 to X 1921). In fact in Tuchola had died exactly 1.867 Soviets PoW. About 11 time less then Russian are cliamed. Most cases of dead there were from ephidemy of typhuis, czerwonka, cholera.

Soviet-Russian side do not want to say or admit that about 25.000 ex Soviet PoW had changed the side and had joined Polish Army to fight against Bolshevist-Soviet Regime (1919-1920).

The real figures of died in the Polish camps (1920-1921) are quite similar but the reason of these deads are different. Second many Polish PoW were killed by Soviet too in 1920-1921 - read Isaac Babel diary for example, when he quite well writen about Russian treatemnt of Polish PoW. Offciers were deliberatly mordered on the spot!

Clising this I can proof that any Soviet PoW were not deliberatly killed according any official paper written by state, army, unit order (given by Pilsudzki or somebody else).

I can proof too that Russian party and goverment had ordered in March 1940 to mordered Poles due to that Poles were Poles – origin and nation. So Russian did the genocidy (the similar to German genocidy) because Russian had mordered healsy, inteligent, selected people by deliberatly sentenced them for death. They were killed because were Poles elite and they did not want to co-operate with “Stalin” – they had refused to joined Soviet Army and side.

They were Polish patritos not Soviet orietned traitors (only several tens of this 14.500 officers and police man changed the side! And save their life)

We Poles fought against German and their tighly supporters Russian ally, this is second not nice true for Soviet firends of Hitler.

Russians were Hitler’s brathers in arms (kameraden) and supported Germans with fuel, food, row materials, and also worked in co-operation against Polish undegroond movments (Gestapo-NKWD meetings in Poland in December 1939 in Zakopane - Poland territory occupied by Germans).

Ending this I remeber one lesson was told by my cousin. He was several years in Syberia (1945-52). He told me such a thing about Russian, he had lerned it in “matuszka Russia” -

“When you will be catched on hand, begin imiedietly to laudly cry this is not your hand!”. This is the same with “Katyn genocidy”. Russian behaviour is always the same.

Russian loudly cry that are not responsilbe for these gonocidy is a simple empty talking. Katyn was Soviet genocidy and now is the Russian disgrace, dishonor.


Mirek Wawrzynski

a Pole
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