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Mirek I agree with you but please note : the word you want to use is genocide in English.
Nevertheless I don't think we can say that the USSR, or more accurately the Russians, committed a "genocide" in Poland. A genocide is the systematic killing of all members of a nation etc. including workers, farmers etc., not only the intellectual Úlite. I think the Russians just wanted Poland to become part of Russia again (like in the past) - always that horrible Russian imperialism (see Georgia and other countries...). If the Russians really had tried to commit a genocide in Poland they'd killed at least 10 million Poles, possibly more (there were approx. 30 million I think), proving the intention of SYSTEMATIC elimination of this nation. They "only" wanted to eliminate those who were educated and able to think (teachers, writers, officers, politicians, doctors etc.), and understood politics, in order not to have any trouble when integrating Poland into Russia. Besides, most of them disliked communism very much, which was a crime already in Soviet eyes.
Especially during the Vietnam War which ended 1975 all those disgusting communists and communist-lovers in the WEST kept repeating that the USA were committing a "genocide" in Vietnam. They systematically misused this word, which ought to be used carefully, for their low propaganda purposes. This is why this word lost part ot its meaning - because of these dirty, barking communist traitors, who now have become very, very discrete... The massive bombing of North and even South Vietnam by the USA certainly was not okay but this was a brutal and stupid way of waging war, no genocide. This is the way American people and governments are : "the big stick". Ha!