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Interesting thread on another forum with some Axis aircraft. Newly found images

Firstly, these aren't my pictures. I was reading a thread on another forum for flight simulators and one of the chaps there has started posting a selection of images taken by his Father, Walter Heinrich Müller, who served with the German Army.

He is slowly scanning and posting them and although the large percentage are images from his time in various theatres, he has shot some images of aircraft too. He was part of the German armies that invaded Belgium, Netherlands and France. According to the pics it seems there he reached the rank of Hauptfeldwebel (master sergeant). In 1940 he was transferred to Northern Africa where he stayed until the very End of the Afrikakorps. He subsequently fought in Sicily, Italy and then again in France (albeit going in the opposite direction) until he ended somewhere in Bavaria in 1945.

Here's a link to the thread, please understand, most of it is Army but there are some images of aircraft that may be of interest here?

Cheers, MP
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