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Re: “Operation Pandemonium”

The target was Lübecker Flenderwerke AG ved Herrenwyk about 10 km northeast of Lübeck on the northern side of the river Trave. Minor damage in the target area and damage in the town of Lübeck and Schlutup. The Germans reports 15 HE bombs. Norddeutsche Kraftwerke and IG Farben were among the targets hit.
Participating a/c:
No. 7 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3764 MG-J F/Sgt Bishop 19.03-02.02
Stirling Mk. I W7535 MG-G W/O Black 18.59-02.12
Stirling Mk. I W7529 MG-H P/O Gwillian 19.02-02.03
No. 15 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3758 LS-V W/Cdr Lay 18.40-02.05
Stirling Mk. I R9351 LS-R F/Lt Barr 18.45-02.45
Stirling Mk. I W7504 LS-A F/O Bennitt 18.35-02.35
Stirling Mk. I W7525 LS-E P/O Shoemaker 18.45-02.25
Stirling Mk. I W7518 LS-U F/O King 18.45-00.45
Stirling Mk. I W7524 LS-D F/Sgt Melville 18.40-FTR
No. 149 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I BF312 OJ-A P/O Forward 19.02-FTR
Stirling Mk. I BF320 OJ-H S/Ldr Watt 19.07-00.45
Stirling Mk. I R9143 OJ-O F/Sgt Hockley 19.04-01.39
No. 214 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I BF318 BU-H Sgt Fleming 18.55-01.40
Stirling Mk. I R9141 BU-G F/Lt Simich 18.55-00.55
Stirling Mk. I R9358 BU-A P/O Massey 18.50-00.35
No. 218 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3763 HA-Q W/Cdr Holder 18.55-01.45
Stirling Mk. I W7562 HA-R P/O Sanderson 19.00-01.30
Stirling Mk. I N6072 HA-P P/O Farquharson 19.00-01.05
Stirling Mk. I BF319 HA-C S/Ldr Oldroyd 19.05-01.10
Stirling Mk. I BF315 HA-F P/O Abberton 19.07-02.10
Stirling Mk. I W7475 HA-H P/O Bullock 19.10-01.10
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