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Re: Late war Bf 109 pictures source

Originally Posted by Marc-André Haldimann View Post
Dobro Pilot,

Yes, I see now the picture. Jochen Prien could help us along here, as he captioned the picture in his excellent book on III./JG 3.

IMHO, beware interpreting it as another all black machine: "Gelbe 7" is taken against the sun; thus it could be also one of those rare overall RLM 82 or RLM 83 machines as known for the ERLA built G-10's in the 151 xxx W.Nr range.

First off, great collection! I'll be browsing it with great interest.

August 1944 is too early for the Erla-built G-10's I think. The earliest example in dark camo that I know of is Yellow 5 of JG300 and it was photographed in December 1944.
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