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Real Colors of WWII Aircraft

My latest completion - please check the link below for description and sample pages:

I would like to thank all researchers and photo collectors, some of whom are members of this board, who helped in making this book: Franck Benoiton, Dénes Bérnad, Craig Busby, Dino Cerutti, Boris Ciglić, Alex Crawford, James V. Crow, Dani Egger, Sřren Flensted, Chris Goss, Brett Green, Robert Gretzyngier, Marc-André Haldimann, Thomas Hesse, Bjarne V. Jansen, Adam Jarski, Phil Listemann, Dan Manthos, Georg Morrison, Mikael Olrog, Robert Pęczkowski, Tomas Prusa, Harald Rabeder, Sergio Luis dos Santos, Sinisa Sestanovic, Brian Spurr, Paul Stipdonk, Akira Takiguchi, Massimo Tessitori, Chris Thomas, John Vasco, David Weiss, and particularly my great friend Erik Mombeeck.

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