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Re: 11 sep 1944 - 4FG 1st Lt. Russell - crash location?

Originally Posted by Horst Weber View Post
Good afternoon Cees

According J 2073, Russel came down at the district "Hungerberg", 2,5 km North of Niederaula, which is located about 2 km af Bad Hersfeld, Germany.

Horst Weber

Many thanks, Horst! This info completed the overview of P-51's that crashed on 11 September 1944. This is part of the book 'Frankie' I am writing at the moment about Leonard Werner who is MIA since 20 Nov 1944 - crashed in lake IJsselmeer now the town Zeewolde. On 11/9/44 flying 44-13411 QP-Q he claimed one Bf 109 (which?) between Eisenach and Gotha.
Another mission that will be described in the book is that of 6th October 1944.

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