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Re: Oesau's victories in Spain

Would be grateful for any corrections and additions:


I-15 ("Curtiss")
Day's losses include Felipe Cirujeda Esteve of 1a Esc, Grupo 26; Jose Redondo of 1a Esc apparently by collision with Bf109; one I-15 lost to a collision with an I-16 (pilot of I-16 named Pastor)

I-15 ("Curtiss")
2a Esc, Grupo 26 lost Felipe Barroso Calvo KIA (exploded in mid-air, attributed to Moelders), 2 other pilots baled out WIA

I-16 "Rata"
Alcublas area, Spain
Nationalist forces claimed 5 or 6 I-16s and 5 I-15s this date. Actual losses were 3 I-16s and 2 I-15s. The I-16s lost include those of Vicente Yuste and pilot Belmonte (both 3a Esc and KIA) plus Andres Fierro baled out safely. I-15 losses include Felipe Alonso Tebar (Tobar?) fate not listed and Juan Diaz Labella KIA. Grigorii Sergeevich Nevgerskii also KIA this date against CR-32s and Bf109s

I-15 ("Curtiss")
Grupo 26 and other units. From 17.7.38 to 23.7.38 there were nine I-16s lost and seven I-15s

Grupo 12 or Grupo 24

I-15 ("Curtiss")
Grupo 26. Two losses this date so likely a legitimate victory. Includes CM-201 of 3a Esc, Eduardo Fernandez Prada shot down in flames (other claim by Gustav Kuell)
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