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Re: Fw190 Spinner

Hi SM.
Yes exactly is 9-12083. () mistake

on the backplate is 9-12087.

As I said,i have few the same spinners( exactly the same). two of theme heve only upper side, this rings and backplate (rest corrosion destroyed) 4 in better condition. all of theme are from fw190. the place of found was werkstatt when made and repair only fw190. i was found with theme parts with numbers 9-801 (bmw) and 8-190 focke-wulf.and other
admittedly parts- like glasses or part of chassis fw.
probably they are only number of parts - not whole spinners
vdm number 9-12087 like in backlplate fw (6 first number ) are in bf190 propeller. 9-12083 like in this circle -on dornier . so they are only numbers of small parts of spinners. main numbers of this spinners were in nameplates but they did not survive. 9-12067 its can be probably numbers from this plates.
best regards
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