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Re: Identification of WW1 Aircraft Types Please


Just to expand slightly on the above correct details I would say
1. The Albatros is clearly a D.I (look at the inward slanting struts above the engine and the high set top wing). It is in British markings which indicates it is the former D.391/16 flown by Ltn BŁttner of Jasta Boelcke and captured 1 Dec 1916. It was painted with British roundels sometime during the spring of 1917.

2. Martinsyde F.1 A3933 (A3934 was never fisnished), a failed Bristol Fighter competitor and I would say it lost for one primary reason, the old fashioned thinking of putting the observer in front of the pilot. It was highly criticized when under test. It is seen here being in one single colour probably rather late in life so 1918 is more likely than 1917.

3. Voisin LAP (type VIIIBn2) V.1721 a French long range night bomber used mainly in 1917 by frontline units. It has no distinguishing markings (except the interesting digits 544).

4. Sopwith Camel F.1 C87 and most probably its final end. The Nieuport mentioned by Nick is not the French company but Nieuport & General Aircraft Co Ltd at Cricklewood

a) Can you give us some better dates Tim?
b) Anything else you can tell us, such as where the photos were taken?
c) Nick, you say the Voisin LAP is modified. How/where??


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