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Re: Markings + codes of Bf 109 + Legion Condor

Hello all,

you wrote that the 6.6 was the personal a/c of Herbert Ihlefeld.
Then he used the 6.16. Did he lost this plane too because he flew
with the 6.10? Do you have a date? What was the first a/c of
Peter Boddem? Any sources?

Are there any informations which victories were documented
at the fin of the 6-10? All 5 of Lützow? Who's else?
At last what was the originally painting of the first Bf 109 B?
Was it grey? And was this camouflage changed to green
concurrently with the new codes?

Before I forget, if the 6.6 and 6.7 both finished their life in the
Spanish airforce wasn't they older than the 6.10?

Thank you very much, maybe you can help here too.

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