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Crash of Ju 52 off Norway on April 16-17, 1940


Various internet sources say that the captain of the German cruiser Blücher, Kapitan zur See Heinrich Woldag, survived the sinking of his ship on 9 April 1940 in Oslo Fjord but was then lost in an air crash some days later.

Sources then differ, saying the crash was on 16 or 17 April and Woldag was on his way to Germany or back to Norway for the burial of his crew.

The most detailled source I find is in Norwegian: A Google translation says the aircraft was a Ju 52 that crashed on 16 April in Oslo Fjord, killing 3, Woldag, the pilot, Walter Poplow, and a third unknow.

I have three Ju 52 losses in Norway for 16 April, one of Stab KG 26 wrecked on Sola airfield when a landing Ju 88 collided with it and the Ju52 WNr 6306 of 14./KGr zbV 1 that crashed in a cliff due to bad weather east of Egersund. The crew of the second is known and there is no Poplow or Woldag aboard. That leaves the third loss: a Ju 52 of KG zbV 1 lost south of Stavanger (so at sea) with 4 dead. No further details are known. Location is wrong for Woldag case, but number of crew could be OK (while the Norwegian article may be wrong: 2 crew and 1 passenger is a little too few for a Luftwaffe Ju 52).

I have also three Ju 52 losses for 17 April: a Ju 52 of Stab KG 30 destroyed on the ground at Sola airfield by the RAF, one of III./KGzbV 1 destroyed in a takeoff accident at Aalborg, Norway, and the Ju 52 WNr.2810 of III./KGr zbV1 that crashed on Langevannet Lake, SE of Kristiansand, Norway, killing 17 crew and passengers.

So either it was not a Ju 52, or it is one not in my list, or it is the Ju 52 of KG zbV 1 lost south of Stavanger on 16 April.

Has anyone a crew/passenger list for this Ju 52. Or the name of Poplow or Woldag aboard another aircraft lost in the area these days ?

Thanks in advance

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