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Re: List of DB 605A engine construction numbers?

Originally Posted by Tomislav Haramincic View Post
Hello Steve,

I have no solid proof for the 112-xxxxx series, but if we follow the logic of markings from other known producers - for example the Daimler-Benz Motoren GmbH, Genshagen Kreis Teltow (hsq), they produced the DB605 with serials 7xxxx (A-1), 007-xxxxx (A-1, B-1, AM, ASM, ASO & ASMO) and 117-xxxxx (D,DB, DM & DMO).
That should indicate that the 112-xxxxx were produced by the same producer as the 002-xxxxx serials, which was the Niedersächsische Motorenwerke GmbH (NMW) "NiMo", Braunschweig-Querum (hss).

Thank you Tomislav!
I have quoted this post here for extra appreciation! Cheers

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