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Re: Newark upon Trent Cemetery


With regards to Herrick's accident, the Nottingham Journal of May 8th 1953 reported the following:

Unexplained air crash
"Death by misadventure" was the inquest verdict at Newark yesterday on a Syrian Air Force pilot, Lieut. Edmund Youssaf Jamal (24), and an R.A.F. flying instructor, Flt.-Lieut. Robert Herrick (33), both of R.A.F. station Syerston, who were killed when their blazing Harvard plane crashed on Wednesday.
The plane, on a training flight, came down at Maplebeck, near Newark. Wednesday's crash was seen by Margaret Rose and her brother Douglas. Douglas said the plane began a spiral dive, burst into flames, and crashed. "There was a flash and an explosion before it burst into flames and another as it hit the ground," he said. "It was revving terrifically before it hit the ground."
The Newark coroner said the cause of the accident was obscure.

And with regards to Fuller's accident, the same newspaper on May 7th 1953:

Blown over by plane
A Farnsfield mother and daughter had a narrow escape on Monday afternoon when an R.A.F. aircraft from Syerston crashed at Farnsfield, near Newark. The pilot and his pupil were killed.
The woman, Mrs. June Pouditch, of Forest Farm, Farnsfield, told the Newark Deputy Coroner and a jury at the inquest that the plane crashed withing 30 yards of her and her four year old daughter Carol. "The blast blew us to the ground," she said.
Verdicts of "Death by misadventure" were returned on 30 year old Flying Instructor Harold John Fuller, of the Officer's Married Quarters, Syreston, and a 23 year old pilot under instruction, Acting Sub-Lieut. Vincent Joseph Forrester, also stationed at Syerston, whose home is at Glasgow. Death was said to be instantaneous.


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