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Uncle died over France July 1944

hi guys

ive seen this forum many times over the last 2 years. its taken that long to research my wives uncle who died when his Halifax mk111 bomber was attacked by a ju88 nightfighter over France in 44.

lw166 (427 sqn RCAF, out of leeming) was involved in a raid on the Villeneuve rail yards on 4/5 july 44. it was attacked 15 mins after dropping on target by a ju88, this attack brought the a/c down killing uncle and pilot, the rest of the crew got out (2 evaded, 3 were pow's).

im interested to find out who shot the a/c down. after some research i believed it was Ghunter Schlomberg from NGJ3 , however, having recieved further documented info, i now know this not to be true. ive looked again and believe the luftwaffe pilot responsible may actually be a Fritz Sothe (NGJ4), however, im not convinced of this either. although most of the facts of his "claim" ring true, there is a major factor that doesnt work for me. he makes his claim at 7000 ft. the halifax survivors statements say they were attacked at 3500 ft! a big annomoly!

is there anyone that can help me put a name to the german pilot?

the attack took place at approx 20-30km SW of the Villeneuve rail yards on the night of 4/5 july 44 at approx 0130 (gmt) at 3500 feet by a ju88

any help would great


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