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Lost Legion Condor movie script found

Legion Condor is a 1939 German war film directed by Karl Ritter and starring Paul Hartmann, Albert Hehn and Fritz Kampers. The film portrays the German Condor Legion which fought in the Spanish Civil War. Because of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the production was halted after 15 days of film-shooting, on 25 August 1939, to avoid offending the Soviets who had supported the other side in Spain and who were negatively portrayed in the film.

The film is often confused with the full-length documentary film by Karl Ritter, IM KAMPF GEGEN DEN WELTFEIND (In the Battle against World Enemy #1) , released on June 15,1939,on the same subject. LEGION CONDOR was planned as a sequel to Ritter‘s highly successful 1938 film, POUR LE MERITE, also starring Paul Hartmann, Albert Hehn, Fritz Kampers, Carsta Löck, amongst others.
In August 2018 the long-lost Ufa film script was found in a used bookstore in Berlin. No copy of the script is found in any German film archive or institution. A monograph on the film is being authored by William Gillespie for publication in Autumn 2019. The monograph will draw on the previously unpublished 1939 dairy entries about the film by Karl Ritter, provided by the Ritter family.
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