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Re: Aviazione Legionaria

Thanks for the input, Gents.

I too acquired one of Angelo Emiliani's books "Spagna 1936-39: l'aviazione legionaria". This one's a pictorial with easy (well, easier) to translate captions. Cool book, but not much in the way of historical text. On holidays chasing the ever-growing 10yo at present, but will drop you a message later.

I have Larrazábal's English volume "Air War over Spain". It's been a while since I read it but it has reasonable coverage of the overall air war - including the Italian contingent. I was hoping for a "Condor Legion" style coverage of the Aviazione Legionaria similar to that done by Karl Ries & Hans Ring. Thanks for the other pointers. I'll have to pull in some favours from my uni contacts and see if I can track down a preview or a library copy.

I have volume 1. Didn't realize there was a volume 2 yet. Many thanks for the heads-up.

I remain ever-optimistic that a new English-language book will be available.
Thanks again,
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