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i can add some info, if need the sources only ask:

Grupo 26, *, losses were Felipe Cirujeda Esteve, 1ª esc. g-26 , i-15 by colision with i-16, Jose Redondo 1ª I-16 bail out after collision with Bf109 and Pastor I-16 collision bail out

Grupo 26, *, 3 I-15 lost Barroso atributed to Moelders, the other 2 pilots both bail out wounded

Grupo 21 or misidentification?. 5 claims of I-16 (3LC+ 2 CR.32 of as de Bastos (Ace of Clubs))+ 5 claims of I-15. Real losses were: 4(+1 forcelanded) i-16 +2 i-15
i-16 Vicente Yuste , 3ª esc. , KIA, lost in Sagunto area I-16 of ¿Hungarian Gregory S.? (Венгерский Григорий Сергеевич) also crashed in the mountains
i-16 Belmonte, 3ª esc., KIA
i-16 Andres Fierro , bail out ,
I-16 Gritsevets forcelanded in Utiel airfield by CR. 32s
i-15 Felipe Alonso Tobar MIA
i-15 Juan Diaz Labella, KIA
i-16 Grigorii Sergeevich Vengerskii KIA in battle with CR.32s and Bf109s on 18 july 38 Sagunto-Valencia area

Grupo 26, *, from 17 to 23 of july 9 I-16s lost and 7 I-15s

Grupo 12 or Grupo 24

Grupo 26. Two losses this date so likely a legitimate victory (one of these CM-201 de Eduardo Fernández Prada 3ª escuadrilla shot down in flames) and one Chato (I-15) other prob was I-16 Mex pilot Sgt. Jaime Sirio, Sirio Martin Gonzalez or Jose Sirio martin but some sources says he died in combat 22 of july: 17 I-15 y 10 I-16 fight in Viver, a great group of fiats... Republicans lost two chatos and one I-16 only with Spanish pilots. Both pilots of the chatos bail out and the pilot of the I-16 was MIA...

Grupo 21, 4ª esc Moscas

3a, 4a, 5a and 6a Esc Grupo 21 all definitely in action this date, 3 losses (all pilots escaped by parachute).

3a Esc, 4a Esc, 5a Esc and 6a Esc Grupo 21 all definitely in action this date, at least 12 losses of I-16 this month for more than 22 claims

part of the info by Nick Hector and other sources...

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