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Re: German overclaims in the East. Hartmann and others...

Dear Nikita,

Many thanks for your comments about Luftwaffe overclaims in the East. I believe you should use Tony Wood´s listing as base for your further research as they should be the transcription of the original RLM microfilms. However, there is another problem especially with III./JG 52: since approximately March 1943 they apparently did not care very much about the identification of their shot down opponents - almost every claimed Soviet-built fighter was referred to simply as "LaGG" (I guess the intelligence officer of this Gruppe had apparently a very strange sense of humour). For example in the period between March 1943 and August 1944 III./JG 52 claimed approximately 900 "LaGGs", some 250 Airacobras and only some 20 Yaks of various versions. A somewhat funny fact is that they also claimed 21 Spitfires (more Spits than Yaks claimed by an Eastern Front unit during a period of one and half year undoubtedly raises some questions and doubts.....)

All the best,

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