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Re: German overclaims in the East. Hartmann and others...

Dear Nikita,

I as one of two authors of Hartmann artical in REVI can say that "our" claim list is copy of Bernd Barbas research.
But today Tony Wood files seems to be much more correct and sometimes different at least till late 1944.
For 1945 the Berndīs list is still only reliable source.
I would be happy to hear Berndīs opinion about it.

However there are still many victories missing in Tony Wood files, especially those submitted by Schlachtguppen.

I duly agree with your opinion about strange claims of SOME of the experts. This could be confirmed even by living members of their squadrons. I made this experience personally with JG 54 members.

JG 27 had similar problem at least once (F. Sawallisch Schwarm, see Prien JG 27 book) and it was evaluated by military court.

Slovak squadron in JG 52 had also such problem with two pilots. But also Finnish Air Force seems to have some "skilled" individuals in this way.

IMHO: there was extreme sensitivity inside of german squadrons for correct procedure of claim submittals.

I also read that Hartmann was under suspiction, but Kommodore made very smart step. He took the doubtful pilot and placed him as Hartmannīs wingman. I think that it was Hrabak. Good manager indeed.
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