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Re: Fw 190D Part III?

Dear all,

The plan for Part III of our Fw 190D Camouflage & Markings' series has certainly not died.

At the time when Eric passed away, we both both in dire need of some personal time off - we both had (and I still have) extremly time-consuming jobs and we had just spent over 5 years of our spare time on writing the first two volumes of the series.

The loss of one person out of a rock-solid two-man team like Eric and I were, cannot be calculated. We chased information together, we did the analyses together, we spent countless hours on the phone and at each other's place to discuss, ... with the only aim of coming up with an as complete and accurate as possible publication. That "magic" and chemistry has died together with Eric. Some people have very kindly offered their help in continuing the work together with me, but that has simply not been possible. It is not just the fact that Eric was, simply put, my best friend but our mutual work was founded on some 10 years of continuous collection, sharing and analysis of data.

All that - in regard of writing Part III - is now my responsibility, even if I can fall back to some extent on Tomáš Poruba of JaPo.

To all our supporters out there - rest assured that Part III will be published. It is a project that Eric and I started and I want to finish it (Eric would have done exactly the same thing for me). The only thing I cannot promise, is a completion or publication date. What I can say, is that in December I will be in Prague together with Tomáš to discuss in great detail the outline plan, contents, etc. of the projected Part III. At some point in time, I will report back on the progress of our third book. Meanwhile, you may want to read Parts I & II over more...

Thank you once again for all for all your kind words, your patience and your support.

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