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Re: SB bomber losses 137-SBAP 1941

Hello Brian,

A little boring but you can go to, then type 137 and one of your date (this format 27.06.1941) and it will show you many losses, some actually having occured on the chosen date.

This is in Russian and won't give you details, but still I find in some minutes two casualties for 137 SBAP on 27 June 1941.

Another link with 137 SBAP losses: not much, one on 10 October 1941 and one on 17 February 1942:

Details (still in Russian) on a loss on 26 (27?) June 1941:

Forum on 137 SBAP:

Two losses on 31 July 1941 (of 26-27?):;wap2
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