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JG 4 chapters

I was wondering if anyone can help me

I recently purchased the English version of volume 2 of the JG 4 series (Storming the Bombers), as a follow up to the German version of volume 1 (Strumjager) which I had previously purchased. To my surprise there is a mis-match of chapters between the English and German versions. The German Version has chapters 1 to 6 in volume 1 and the English version has chapters 9 to 19 in volume 2. So I'm missing chapters 7 & 8 which seems to be about the big air battles of 11-12 September 1944 which is missing in from both books. I can't afford to be going out and buying another book at the moment especially since I'm only after chapters 7 & 8, so I was wondering if anyone has these chapters that they can send me a scanned copy.


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