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Re: Information concerning loss of Gefreiter Eduard Stock - killed 30.05.44

Hello Rick,

are we sure he was killed in a crash? I am not sure about the exact definition of 'Fliegertod', but I see he rests at Rotenburg/Wmme and I know the airfield nearby was raided that day by the USAAF:
(from the work by deZeng)

30 May 44: bombed by 147 B-24 Liberators – 2 x Bf 109Gs, 8 x Fw 190As and 1 x Fw 58 from Stab and I./JG 11 destroyed (4) or damaged (7) on the ground along with 27 KIA and 7 WIA from JG 11. In all, about 100 were killed in the attack. Damage to the airfield was - 577 - Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45 significant because 200 prisoners (POWs?) had to be brought in to clear the rubble and make repairs.

Kind regards, Timon
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