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Re: Aircraft crash at Addlestone, Surrey 1st July 1942


The following cryptic remark from Peter London's, Saunders and Saro Aircraft since 1917, could provide a clue to the identity of the Walrus loss at Addlestone:

Another site developed as a wartime expedient was situated on the Weybridge trading estate at Addlestone in Surrey. There were also two much smaller works at Hersham and Byfleet. Weybridge produced the Walrus II with wooden hulls supplied by Elliotts of Newbury, in addition to the more usual metal ones, the main factory had been made available for the amphibians to fly from, though it was surrounded by high-tension cables on tall pylons and thus was far from ideal; at least one Walrus was destroyed while attempting to leave.

Saunders and Saro Aircraft since 1917.
pp.31-2 & 298-9

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