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Re: mosquito crash 26 Nov. 1944

Originally Posted by Horst Weber
Hi Allan ! You are completely right. Forgive me, please, but I mixed up No. 305 SQ with No. 350 SQ that day. It is clearly, as you mentioned, that No. 305 SQ, which suffered the three MOSQUITO losses, was placed under No. 138 Wing Command that time. The "2nd T.A.F. Log of Casualtiy Claims, Assessments and Losses", sheet No. 123 gives the same information. Thank you for the correction. Best regards, Horst Weber
Hello Horst - sorry to advise you that 350 (Belgian) Squadron was also operating Spitfire XIV's, as part of the Lympne Wing - they joined 125 Wing at Y.32 Ophoven/Zwartberg on 31 December 1944, just in time to, involuntarily, take part in Operation Bodenplatte on the receiving end Allan
Allan Hillman
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