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FW 190 landing gear servicing question - please help

A friend of mine is involved in restoring an FW 190 A-8 and they have run into a question about the combined air/fluid strut main landing gear strut.

Apparently, the strut is divided into a gas or air-filled upper unit and a
fluid filled lower unit. The rebuilders do not know how this strut is
serviced, or how much air is supposed to be in the strut. The only placard /adjustment notice concerns numbers of atmospheres and a remark that it is acceptable to service the strut with weight on the wheels - the setting on the aircraft was set on 23 atmospheres and that results in a TIGHT strut with absolutely no bounce whatsoever.

The aircraft will be flown and they want the struts serviced correctly - does anyone know the settings or have a copy of the strut servicing diagram for an FW 190 A-series aircraft? Thanks in advance.

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