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so JGs exchange rate was probably only some 2 kills to one loss.

Sure, if not even lower than so. A considerable drop compared with the relation of around 5 enemies actually shot down for each own air combat loss in January 1943, i.e. only two months previously.

Regarding increased experience on the Allied side - well, considering the fact that the Allies sustained higher losses (see what happened to 33rd FG which had to be withdrawn from combat because it was almost annihilated), and the fact that apparently such a very large of new Allied aircraft and airmen flooded to the area - I would say that the average experience among the Allied airmen in Tunisia probably did not increase that much. Also, we must keep in mind that also the German airmen increased their experience.

It would be interesting to compare the sources used by Playfair et al (780 Allied aircraft in the Tunisia sector in March 1943) and E. R. Hooton (1,500 Allied aircraft in the Tunisia sector in March 1943).
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