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Re: Top ace of the calendar year

Hi Guys

Nice to see lots of interest. I take on board that the other Staffels mights be doing less strenuous tasks. Actually looking at the whole Staffel's claims it was just all about Lang. Hoffmann was injured in September 1943, as soon as he returns to combat the Lang/Hoffmann super claiming starts, and continues until they are presumably on leave after the Ritterkreuz/DKiG awards. Moreover in Hannig's book he does state Lang would choice just one wingman, when it's Hannig Lang's claims are noticeable few, when Hoffmann both claim huge numbers. Not sure about Alfred Groß, but guess we should give him the benefit of the doubt!

So not(in my opinion) just general "overclaiming", as usual a couple of guys bucking the system.

Kind Regards

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