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Re: Hello and intro from a Newbie

Welcome to 12 o'clock high. Just a reminder that your first five posts are subject to approval by one of the forum moderators, so they won't be visible to you (or anyone) until they've been given the OK. This is a precaution to stop the site being flooded with spam.

I note your comment: "Most uneducated folks will refer to all German soldiers as Nazis and hold them in the same light as the SS men working at the death camps." On this forum, if you stick to discussion of what the Luftwaffe was doing, who it was fighting on which days and what equipment it was using, questions of ideology will rarely arise. However, in view of your interest you might want to take a look at "Soldaten" by Söhnke Neitzel and Harald Welzer; despite the title, it's in English and there's a paperback edition. It shows that issues of complicity are far from clear cut and when you speak of men doing their duty, it's worth remembering who was in charge and deciding what that duty was.
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