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Re: Colour of KG 26 shield?

I am definitely no expert on the matter but when it comes to the ops during the invasion in 1940 it doesn't seem that the outlined version of individual lettering was common. The problem with identifying one particular KG26 machine is the fact that they flew the Heinkel 111 through most of the war meaning there were several 1H+DN's for instance, and I'm sure the paint practises changed with theatre, which ranged from Norway to Finland, Russia and the Med, and I'm sure it varied with time available...

"My" 1H+DN is shown as when crashlanded on a lake in Northern Sweden, and it seems to me it's an H-3 from the exhausts. Even though you can't see the fuselage letters there's a leading edge "D" on each side and that letter surely looks black to me, without that actually being any proper indication of KG26 practises.
I'll see if I can get a scan.

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