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Re: Colour of KG 26 shield?

Hi Guys

What are your sources? I myself have TWO sources which states the Shields colours. However Ketley and Rolfe in Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-45 actually manage to write one thing and paint another. I guess that is why I love proofreaders...

Ries (1963) Ketley/Rolfe (1998) Ketley/Rolfe colour sketch
I./KG 26 White White White
II./KG 26 Red Red Yellow
III./KG 26 Yellow Yellow Red

However, I tend to go with the "masses" here, since white was I.Gruppe, red was II Gruppe and yellow the III Gruppe, and I also find it entirely plausible that an aeroplane could appear in any Staffeln or Gruppe with all kind of codes/colours since there certainly had to be transfers between the Staffeln of the Unit and also between various Units. The longer the war went on we also see more and more aeroplanes being written off still wearing their Stammkennzeichnung. "Decorating" aeroplanes became more and more a luxury and it depended no doubt on both circumstances, time plus availabillity of paint...
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