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Re: Colour of KG 26 shield?

I think the Heinkel in question is the one depicted in "Luftwaffe in Sweden". The letter on the leading edge looks very dark - it looks black but it could be red if they used some kind of film that makes red look like black (in this case the lion could have been red).

I only know one color photo of the KG 26 badge - the cockpit of a desert camouflaged He 111 of II./KG 26 (on the cover of the original German edition 'Von der Fliegerschule zum Einsatzverband' (by Meyer and Stipdonk; Flugzeug Dokumentation series, No. 2) and also published in "La Luftwaffe en couleurs" by Patrick de Gmeline; Editions Heimdal). In this case the badge is a red lion on a white shield. It's difficult to tell a red lion on a white shield from a black lion on a white shield when all we have are b&w photos. But sometimes it's obvious that the lion is not dark enough to be black. At least in the Med II./KG 26 used red lions on white shields.

I've only seen one good photo of an He 111 of III./KG 26 and in this case the badge isn't black/red; it could be black/yellow, red/yellow or red/white (the second color being the color of the shield).
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