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Re: 60 years after German KL Auchwitz-Birkenau

Everyone has interesting and very valid points here. I am curious what people would think of my interest in finding both the German fighter pilots that shot down my grandfather's plane and the (2) fighters that my grandfather personally shot down from his ball turret on the same day. After reading these posts in particular I am not sure myself what I think of it.
As a side story I hope some people find this as moving as I did: I ride Harleys and heard this story one night:
"So today I was heading up to a rally. I had stopped for gas and there were a few other bikers there as well. They were more hardcore than I was - leather, tattoos, and one guy had on a German helmet as his motorcycle helmet. You could tell because the old German helmets were the first ones to have lower ear protection (he had some of the Iron Crosses as decorations on his bike, too). Anyway, this old man gets out of his car and starts toward the hardcore group. The old man is hunched over, walking slow but as fast as he can and he's yelling at the guy in the helmet. The guy in helmet looks at him like he's crazy and tells him he can't understand him. The old man, still yelling but now starting to cry, rolls up his sleeve and shows the biker his tattoos. They are numbers from one of the camps. The biker looked like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer. Honest to God he through the helmet in the trash right there."
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